A work in collaboration with artist Paloma Sanchez-Palencia.
Former prison in Weimar, 2015.

A scoreboard is positioned next to a ping pong table in the former juvenile detention center in Weimar. ART VS. LAW is an interactive installation which re-activates the space formerly used as a recreation area for young prisoners. Instead of using the names of two players, the score board displays diverse topics such as feminism, art, law, money, freedom, communism, children, crack, and more. These topics are selected and switched around on the scoreboard during each round. The topics, presented in opposition to each other, generate unique pairings and unexpected questions. Some of these questions were premeditated during the making of the work (ART VS. LAW) while others are random and absurdist (BRITNEY vs. FREEDOM). The players interchange the topics themselves creating a game which suits their preferences. They determine what the match is about and which topic will prevail.