There is an exhibition in prison. It is called CRACK.

Group exhibition at the former prison (Jugendarrestanstalt) in Weimar
MFA-Programme “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies”, 2015.

Through an examination of the history of the former juvenile prison in Weimar, we question the relationship between the form and the function of architecture. How can architecture become dysfunctional with respect to its history, power and visibility? We aim to explore the former prison through hands on research and subsequent artistic practice.

Participating Artists:
Vanessa Brazeau, Antonije Burić, Isaac Chong Wai, Burak Erkil, Jazmin Gabriela Flores del Pozo, Anke Hannemann, Stefan Klein, Vasili Macharadze, Maayan Miriam Mozes, Atsuko Mochida, Paloma Sanchez-Palencia, Filipe Serro, Moran Shavit, Natsumi Sugiyama, Daphna Westerman, Abraham Winterstein, Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Ina Weise

Project by MFA-Program “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” under the direction of Professor Danica Dakić, Anke Hannemann, Ina Weise and Jirka Reichmann. Supported by Kreativfonds.