Teaching Modules

For the MFA-programme “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien/Public Art and New Artistic Strategies”, Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2015 – ongoing
The modules and workshops were developed in collaboration with Anke Hannemann unless otherwise noted.

Take Me Home – Memory as an object
Workshop in Kooperation mit der Museumshop GmbH Weimar. “New” and  “other” souvenirs were developed and put into practice in a conceptual pop-up shop exploring the dynamics of street vending and informal practices in contrast to a traditional souvenirs store.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – How to survive as an artist
Teaching module on funding opportunities and framing one’s concepts within the requirements of open calls.

Concrete Jungle – Or this City is my Home
Workshop on questions regarding the potentiality of artistic interventions, the culture of memorials and the politicization in and of the public sphere. Investigation of our own methods of self as well as collective empowerment, short term collaborations and ad hoc interventions.

Come as You Are – How to perform a lecture?
Who does the city belong to? Who defines public space? Teaching module on reclaiming the public urban space of Weimar.

Sharing is Caring or how to Share with Care – Let’s talk!
… about making art, biennials, documentas, exhibitions and symposiums, failures, questions and potential answers. A workshop on how to critique our own artwork and the artistic practice of others.

Hotel Leipzig Walk of Art in the city of Leipzig.

Still Life or a Sound is a sound is a sound 
Professionalization module accompanying the project “Speechless and Unheard” – an artistic and physical investigation of sound, silence and architecture with composer Bojan Vuletić.

After Laughter comes Tears or Democracy under siege – On the state of the arts today
professionalization module

One World One Future: a World in Co/Relation
Professionalization module in the framework of the Goethe Institute’s summer symposium “Sharing and Exchange”. In Collaboration with al borde architects from Ecuador participants developed artistic projects dealing with the topics alternative economies, wealth, and degrowth considering interdisciplinary approaches that exist in local neighborhoods as well as global structures. Module developed in collaboration with Claire Waffel.

All Eyes On You
Teaching module on presentation skills considering various situations in which you might be asked to describe your artistic work. Module developed in collaboration with Claire Waffel.

You say Art I Say What
Performative Walk of Art for Rat für kulturelle Bildung and Stiftung Mercator, Weimar

Money Money Money
Workshop in preparation for a project (including budget, cooperations, visa regulations) of a group of international students traveling outside of Germany

Express Yourself – Going Public
Teaching module on artist statements, short bios and application texts