The Fortune Teller Hotline

Who knows what the future looks like? 
Affordable rents? 
Exciting love stories? 
Better paid jobs? No jobs?
A big corporation trying to buy my house?
Sunny winter? Cold summer?
What will happen? 
We don’t really know exactly but we have a suggestion: Who knows?

Who knows? is the promise of a Fortune Teller Service Hotline. A hotline will be published and distributed in the form of posters in public space. The public is invited to call in order to finally know all the answers.

The answer is a relaxing sound of the beach in the background overlap by an automated voice explaining to the listener that the fortune teller is actually not at work.

The Out of Office notice is a placeholder for a time-out. It’s commonly used by office workers in the format of an automatic, customized email reply, communicating that this person is away. The out-of-office-auto-reply is replacing the holiday postcard.

In case of the Fortune Teller Who Knows?, the out-of-office approach is subversively suggesting the listeners to also consider taking a break. The absence of a service states an antithesis of constant availability and high-performance. Our main and only suggestion for the future is to slow down.

To Listen dial +49 30 91441755.

In collaboration with Lena Skrabs, Melina von Gagern and Paloma Sanchez-Palencia with support of Projektförderung Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.